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9 things To know Before Heading to Child Support Court

If you’re scheduled to appear in Child Support Court in the near future, here’s the top 9 things you should know:

1. Keep weapons home. We all know court can be a depressing place to be. Don’t allow your depression to cause you to lose your freedom. You might be overwhelmed, agitated or anxious before this very important event and innocently leave a knife, scissors, pepper spray or the gun you forgot to register last year in your person. Take my advice..leave at home.

2. Turn your cell phone off. Many court houses like ours in Michigan allows clients to bring in cell phones. Many bring it in to keep communication with the outside world or to help make time go by. Whatever the reasons, the cute cell phone ring tone, or beep bop music isn’t appealing to me. Please keep the phones off.

3. Stay seated. Unless your told otherwise, keep all of your body parts in your seat. The last thing I need is a small indication you are moving in for a kill.

4. Don’t  I repeat don’t interrupt. You’ve planned what you had to say for twenty one days and you can’t hold it in any longer. I get it, oh do I get. But do not infringe your voice in the middle of mine or anyone else whose speaking in my office.  It’s rude. I don’t like it. And even though I’m trained to ignore bad behavior, I’m human therefore I do make a mental note.

5. Never argue or show irrational behavior. Again it’s court. All emotions are on the table. But once you curse, throw disparaging remarks to each other or at each other it’s curtains for me. You are strangers. How you act is the way I assume you are. Most times having facts versus emotions wins in the end.

6. Don’t call me by my first name. This is business. You’re not in my living room or my friend. So please call me Ms. Greene.

7. Don’t talk about last year. I can care less what happened a year ago, the reason why he or she filed, why your baby needs the money, etc. The only date that matters is the one used to file to have your case scheduled so don’t beat my ear drums about last year.

8. Come prepared. Every notice to appear in court has instructions on what to bring. Use it. I hate wasting time.

9. Leave your kid at home. The court house is not where a child needs to be so stop bringing them. Stop using the building as a visitation site where the child finally meets his or her absent parent. Bringing your kid holds my cases up. And you all know how I feel about wasting time….

Alexis Greene, child support mediator